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Beat Shy Bladder Blueprint

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A step by step guide to quickly overcome Shy Bladder Syndrome even if you you’ve tried everything else and failed!

The Beat Shy Bladder Blueprint is a bundle of videos, worksheets, guides and audio content all designed to help you crush paruresis ASAP so that you can stop coping and start thriving.

Beat Shy Bladder Blueprint covers:

📌 Mindset Upgrade

📌 Self auditing

📌 Evolutionary background

📌 Meditation

📌 Heart Rate Variability hacks

📌 Mental feedback loops

📌 Desensitisation

📌 Desensitisation without a 'buddy'

📌 Breath-hold explained

📌 Protocol reviews (EMDR, Neurofeedback,

CBT, NLP, Exposure therapy, Visualisation and


📌 Visualisation

📌 Common pitfalls to avoid

📌 Optimise your energy

📌 Habit cheatsheet

📌 Knowledge trove

And much more...

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Last updated Jul 6, 2023

15+ videos - Video summary sheets - 5 pdf worksheets - 3 booklets - 1 audio file


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Beat Shy Bladder Blueprint

7 ratings
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